Fatwa to Indian Army Men: Beard Before Country

fatwa indian army men beard country

Former Muslim notes:

Islam comes first.

The law of the land is nothing in Islamic ideology.

The law of Allah is to be upheld.

Muslims are asked to give complete allegiance to nothing but the law of God.

It doesn’t matter if you are a butcher or an army man.

“The Darul Uloom Deoband, the country’s prominent Islamic institution, has issued an online fatwa directing an officer of the Indian Air Force to quit his job if he is not allowed to grow a beard.

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi and earlier Manmohan Singh can have one, it is unconstitutional to not allow an IAF officer to keep a beard, a Deoband official said.

The fatwa says that if the officer’s financial condition is stable then he should quit his job.


The fatwa comes on the query of an IAF officer who had approached the institution to help him decide what he should do if he is not allowed to grow his beard: continue shaving it every day or quit the job.

The officer had written that while joining the armed forces he did not have a beard. Now, after 10 years in service, he wants to grow one. The IAF however, he said, doesn’t allow its officers to keep a beard.


The Islamic institution in its fatwa said that if he can support his family financially without the job, then he must quit. However, if can’t do that then he must continue with his current job but keep asking for forgiveness from Allah. The fatwa directs him to continue his search for a new job.


Chairman of the online division of the Darul Ullom Deoband Mufti Arshad Farooqui said there is no law in the country that bans armed force personnel from keeping a beard. “The Indian constitution too allows people from different faiths to follow their customs,” Farooqui said.

According to Farooqui, if the officer faces pressure from his seniors to not grow a beard then he must go the court and such senior officers should be sacked.

In a country, said Farooqui, one of the most important positions is that of a Prime Minister, and even he is not stopped from growing a beard. “Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister for several years and he had a beard. Our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi too has keeps one,” he said, adding that it is unconstitutional to not allow and IAF officer keep a beard.”

Souce: IndianToday


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