‘Those who insult Islam MUST DIE’, Former UK Conservative Party Candidate

insult islam must die former conservative party candidate

Former Muslim notes:

This man is not saying something strange. In Islam, the punishment for criticising Muhammad or his religion is death.

Islamic Sharia law calls for this punishment in various books of Law.

For example,

Ibn Taymiyyah, Sarim Al Mwsool (p.4) ‘Whosoever abuses the Prophet [Muhammad] or finds his fauls then Kill him.’

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised when any Muslim promotes the killing of those who insult Muhammad.

Compare Muhammad with Jesus, who was insulted and even killed by people, yet he never ordered his followers to ‘kill those who insult me or my religion. Instead, he said, ‘Father forgive them.’

“PEOPLE who insult Islam should be put to death, a former Conservative council candidate declared in a shocking rant due to be aired on TV tonight.

Mufti Shah Sadruddin, a senior Muslim scholar, made the comments in 2013 and they have now been uncovered by a new ITV documentary.

The documentary shows Mr Sadruddin, a leading religious figure in the Jamaat-e-Ulama UK, or Council of Muslim Scholars in the UK, and in the British Bangladeshi community, criticising atheists who he said had insulted Islam, in particular a Bangladeshi blogger.

Mr Sadruddin, who now runs the Al-Ashraaf Secondary School in Ilford, said: “He said: “He is a bastard, a traitor and a shameless person. Child of a hypocrite, he swore at my Prophet.

“This son of a bastard is challenging us!

“O’ Bangla’s scholars, O’ Bangla’s Muslims, wake up. No son of a bastard will remain alive after swearing at my Prophet!”

The comments were made at a rally held in the wake of the death of another Bangladeshi blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider, who made jokes about Islamic beliefs and took part in protests calling for the execution of convicted Islamist war criminals.

At similar rallies in Bangladesh at the time, Islamists were using the term ‘atheist’ to attack the secular government and the protesters.

Mr Sadruddin, the rector of a secondary school, ran for election as a Conservative councillor, portraying himself as liberal, tolerant and opposed to hatred.

He failed to win his seat in Newham in 2014’s local elections.

In a video filmed in the run-up to the Newham election, he said: “I believe in equality, in fairness, I believe in loving the human race and I hate to hate anybody.”

When approached by Exposuree [sic]: Islam’s Non-Believers, which airs on ITV tonight at 10.40pm, Mr Sadruddin said that his speeches did not incite hatred, there was no intention to promote violence and he had specifically said “our jihad will be non-violent”.

Source: ExpressUk

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