Malaysia Debates To Introduce Sharia Stonings and Amputations

malaysia debates introduce sharia stonnings amputations

Former Muslim notes:

The whole world considers Malaysia to be a ‘moderate’ Muslim country.

However, every Muslim has in his/her heart desire for the law of Allah (Sharia).

Telos for all Muslims is sharia. The final goal for all Muslims is the Law of Allah.

If it is not, then, a Muslim is considered an apostate who is in disobedience.

“The Malaysian Parliament is set to debate a controversial bill that could see stricter forms of sharia law introduced in the state of Kelantan, but critics have warned the so called hudud bill would result in whippings and even the amputations of limbs for crimes such as theft.

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party — commonly known as PAS — is pushing to introduce the proposed laws in the conservative north-eastern state, but first the bill must be passed by the Malaysian national parliament.

Kelantan is a major stronghold for PAS, which was founded in 1951 and is among the country’s oldest and largest opposition parties.

“Among the mandate from the people is to try to establish the Islamic system here, including the Islamic criminal law,” PAS executive council member Mohd Fadzi said.

Kelantan’s state capital Kota Bahru is deeply religious and many of its citizens live by a strict adherence to Islam.

At shops and supermarkets there are separate queues for males and females, while signs advising women to cover up are common outside offices and government buildings.
PAS secures Prime Minister’s support

Earlier this year, PAS tabled a private members bill to amend act 355 of the federal constitution with the support of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s United Malays National Organisation party (UMNO).

The bill aims to increase the powers of sharia courts to enforce some aspects of hudud, which is the Islamic system of crime and punishment that includes amputations and stoning”

Source: ABCAU

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