Why Muslims CANNOT Vote For Hillary Clinton

muslims cannot vote hillary clinton

Muslims cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.

Because according to Islamic texts,

Muhammad said, “No people who appoint a woman as their leader will ever prosper.” (Reported by al-Bukhari, 13/53)

In other words, Muslims are not allowed to elect a woman as their leader.

There is no disagreement among Muslim scholars that one of the requirements of the leader is that he must be male.

Islamic Scholars cite Quran 4:34 to support this, “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allaah has made one of them to excel the other

Imaam al-Muwaffaq said:

“For this reason the Prophet SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his successors (khulafa’) and those who came after them never appointed a woman to be a judge or a governor of a province, as far as we know. If it were permissible, it should have happened.”

Imaam al-Ghazaali said:

“The position of leader (imaam) could never be given to a woman even if she possessed all the qualities of perfection and self-reliance. How could a woman take the position of leader when she did not have the right to be a judge or a witness under most of the historical governments?”

Imaam al-Baghawi said:

“The scholars agreed that women are not fit to be leaders or judges, because the leader needs to go out to organize jihaad and take care of the Muslims’ affairs, and the judge needs to go out to judge between people, but women are ‘awrah and it is not right for them to go out. Because of their weakness, women are not able to do many things. Women are imperfect, and the positions of leaders and judge are among the most perfect of positions for which only the most perfect of men are qualified.”

Ibn Hazam reported (in Maraatib al-Ijmaa’): “Out of all groups of the people of the Qiblah [i.e., all Muslim sects], there is not one that allows the leadership of women. There is no difference of opinion among the scholars on this point.

Therefore, It is not ideal for Muslims to vote for Hillary Clinton since she is a woman and Islam commands that women must not be leaders.


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