Muslims Demand Hanging Of A Boy For Facebook Post

muslims demand hanging boy facebook post

Former Muslim notes:

In Islam, punishment for blasphemy (insulting the Prophet or Allah) is death.

It is written in Ibn Taymiyyah, Sarim Al Mwsool (p.4), ‘Whosoever abuses the Prophet [Muhammad] or finds his faults then Kill him.’

Therefore, those who criticise his religion, or holy places (Kaaba) they are supposed to be killed.

Usually, westerners criticise the barbaric laws of Pakistan. However, they don’t notice that origin of these barbaric laws comes from the Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

“A MOB called for a 16-year-old Christian boy to be HANGED over a Facebook post insulting Islam.

Nabeel Masih had to be rushed out of a court hearing to escape the baying mob who threatened to burn his entire family.

Masih faces the death penalty after posting a photograph of Kaaba in Mecca, one of holiest sites in Islam, on his profile.

Locals claimed the “insulting and sacrilegious” image showed the Kaaba with a pig’s head on top.

As he appeared in court this week charged with blasphemy an 80-strong mob confronted the teen, from Kasur in Punjab province.

The crowd threatened Masih and his family and called for the teenager to be hanged.

Masih’s legal team said: “There were about 80 people of different age groups including students that were present in the premises only for Nabeel’s hearing and each of them was continuously calling on the phone for other people to come. Even the lawyers were threatened.”

The mob reportedly threatened to wipe out Masih’s entire family as the judge announced the teenager could face the death sentence…”

Source: ExpressUk

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